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Micheline S.        05/08/2000
ADV-CARE Pharmacy offers by far the most superior service in the market today. It charges the insurance directly, renews may prescription automatically when it is due, delivers at home, saves me time, saves me money (the pharmacist informs me of the various generic brands which are offered at a competitive price), I am order anything (they will get it for me within 24 hours if not in stock). All this done over the phone, fax and/or the Internet. In addition, Mona, the pharmacist is a very experienced, knowledgeable and competent pharmacist who will address any concerns I may have about a pharmaceutical product and will answer many questions that I would otherwise have to ask my physician. To top it all the staff is very friendly. What else do you need a pharmacy and where else would you find?

Elnor W.        06/24/2000
Since switching to ADV-CARE Pharmacy, I have become a more active participant in my treatment program. I have gained more knowledge about my illness and I can contact the pharmacist 24 hours a day, if I have questions or concerns.

Injy S.       08/21/2000
A couple of months ago, I had serve bronchitis and I need my medication immediately. Thanks to ADV-CARE Pharmacy. My antibiotics were delivered promptly to my door.

Marion P.       12/01/2000
Thank you for being so kind to me when inquiring about Canadian prescriptions. I take ZOMIG 5 mg to control migraine headaches - which works like magic. I have been plagued with migraines all my life and Zomig allows me to live a normal life. Zomig 5 mg costs 16.86 per pill. Your price quote was $10.30 per pill. What a difference!
I will look forward to your physician information that will allow me to order Zomig through Adv Care.
Thank you.

Michael C.       12/08/2000
Hello Richard, We just finished talking a minute ago and I can't thank you enough for helping me. The people you mentioned from Long Island and that women in Vermont show how much you care and I'm glad I found your site. As I mentioned when we talked, I live in Salamanca, NY about 60 mile south Of Buffalo. The medications I take for a chronic condition are Ativan, generic name is Lorazepam. This prescription alone sells from ninety to four hundred dollars in this country. Other medications are Amaryl, Atenolol, Differin, Amitriptyline and a couple more.
I know you're over loaded right now, but when you have a chance to get these doctors names, let me know. It was good speaking with you.

Sue H.       12/28/2000
Hi Mona, Looking forward to meeting you in person, seeing the doctor, picking up our prescriptions, SAVING MONEY, and discussing the promotion of cheaper drugs for US citizens. I love your script pricing on your web site. It's so easy to use!
Thank you so much for your help. Waiting to hear from you.

Pauline and Dominick       12/28/2000
We would like to wish all you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year; we wish all of you good luck and we wish all the people in New York could get a chance to meet you people. You truly are wonderful people our family still can't believe we made the trip to Canada but we did it and were very happy to have met people like you. You all will be in my prayers. Thank you so much for your kindness. Please keep in touch with us. Love.

Rosemarie B.       01/20/2001
We live in Green Valley, near Tucson, Arizona. Thank you for your effort to help us dispense our medication. If this works, you will get a lot of business coming from this area- our HMO's in this area have just discontinued all support for brand name drugs. You know, what that means. The cost of these drugs (and many times there is no generic) is staggering. Thank you once again for taking the time to look into this.

Harriett D.       07/13/2001
Thanks for your very prompt service. My medication was received today. The incident with the delay in my husband's order was taken care of and he has already received his order. I did notice that my charges showed the canadian prices -- plus shipping. I imagine that when the charge appears on my statement (from credit card) that it will translate into American dollars. I hope this will be the case. Again, thanks so much for your attention and for shipping so quickly. I really appreciate your interest and attention.

Sandra H.       08/09/2001
Thanks for all the info! After talking to you on the phone this a.m. I had to leave for the rest of the day. Everything was waiting for me in my email when I returned. The 7 pages info kit came through fine and I will be working on them in the next few days. Your follow-up call was a surprise and impressive--how nice to find a company that cares so much!

Jay F.       08/28/2001
Thanks for you call back this morning - Order arrived today. Order complete and satisfactory. We appreciate your excellent service and your personal support.

Fan L.       09/10/2001
I am satisfied with your pharmacy services. The shipping came in time. My mother was leaving US 1 week before I placed the order, and we revceived the medicine before she left. The medicine is about USD$25 cheaper than that of US. I saved total USD$100 for 4 bottles of Mirapex. Thank you very much.

Rose W.       12/20/2002
I enjoyed your newsletter, and I have referred several other people to you because I am thrilled with the savings I get on my prescription for Tamoxifen. The difference in price from the USA Pharmacies is unbelievable. I am thrilled. Thank you again and again.


Fadel        11/12/2000
The newsletter, is an excellent idea. I like very much the content and the design. Keep the good work.

Cob W.        07/16/2000
I have a friend who has polio and a brace on his right leg, and his medical bills as well as subscription bills are staggering and I would like to have you send him your regular mail address as well as what information you can on your services, and if I can help him with the Internet I surely will for he and his wife are dear friends.
I am sending him this Quarterly Update newsletter tomorrow so that he can get an idea what you are about and the good you are doing.

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