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We only fill the following manufacturers' products for Ontario residents, non-Ontario residents who are staying in Ontario, and Ontario residents who are snowbirds staying at their winter/summer address.
Persons outside of Canada unable to find an Ontario-licensed doctor in their area can now fill their prescription (Rx) using the services of independent companies.

If you prefer to visit an Ontario-licensed doctor in your area, please click HERE list of doctors.

To fill a prescription (Rx), please follow these four instructions:
Four Rx Order Steps

Step 1: Register With Us
- Register with us and fill out your entire medical information, your attending physician information, and your preferred contact information. Please ensure that your credit card number and expiry date are included if your order is mailed or faxed.

Step 2: Patient Custom Statement
- Print and fill the "Patient Customs Statement".

Step 3: Order Online
- Order your medicine on-line as an "Rx product" and add it to your shopping basket, and continue to provide method of payment and shipping address to complete your order.

Step 4: Doctor Fax Rx
- An Ontario licensed doctor may fax your Rx directly to us. Click HERE for list of doctors. Otherwise ask your attending physician to fax your Rx to: 1-877-948-0464 with your latest medical summary and patient customs statement, or mail your originals to: 70 Esna Park Dr. Unit 11, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 6E7.

Unavailable, restricted and/or medications unsuitable for shipping will be forwarded to a pharmacy in your country for fulfillment at a competitive price. All referral will be consulted with you.

Please ensure that your order is correct. Medicines cannot be returned after being shipped.

If you order online, you can check the status of your order any time. Click here to check the Order Status.

While you process your order, feel free to browse or search our products for your needs for any Diabetic Supplies, OTC Medication, Vitamins or Health and Beauty items, or View our featured products and save on your shipping charges.

  1. Certain medications are not suitable for shipping.
  2. Certain medications are not available in Canada and do not have an equivalent
  3. Controlled medications cannot be shipped across the border.
If you prefer to fax all your information to us, you can download our Fax Kit of all the forms and the detail instructions. To view the fax kit, you will need an Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge. If you cannot use Adobe® Acrobat, or unable to download the fax kit, you may obtain this kit by contacting us by phone.

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